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Originally Posted by FALAK View Post
I am relatively new to CA - what does COE do for a person?
snipped from my C&R info post:

If you get the COE in addition to your C&R FFL, then you can DROS C&R firearms and take them home immediately, no 10-day wait.

To get the COE, Certificate of Eligibility, download the app at Just follow the directions on how to fill it out. Included in the directions is a URL to a list of Live Scan locations where you'll have your fingerprints electronically scanned and sent to CADOJ and the FBI.

The COE is more expensive, around $100 in fees for the first year, but the renewal is something like $20 bucks per year. It has a very limited use in CA, but when used in conjuction with the C&R FFL, exempts you from the 10-day wait on C&R purchases (handguns and long guns) from a dealer (still must DROS it), and exempts you from the 1-in-30 handgun regulations for ALL handguns, modern and C&R. If buying a C&R handgun, if you have the C&R+COE combo, you are exempt from the Handgun Safety Certificate requirement as well.

When/If the mail-order ban portion of AB962 goes into effect, the C&R+COE combo will also allow you to do mail-order handgun ammo, provided the seller understands the exemtpion.

If you get your C&R FFL, you are not required to get a COE if you don't want one. You just don't gain the privledges that the 03+COE combo extends.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

No posts of mine are to be construed as legal advice, which can only be given by a lawyer.
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