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While I do appreciate guys wanting to get their girls a gun/into shooting, I get tired of seeing the same posts asking the same questions, cluttering the LADIES forum.

I would never dream of buying a car, power tools, etc. for my husband without him test driving, researching, etc. first!! Same goes for guns. Would you want anyone buying you something without you trying it out first?

Also, as one gets further into (insert any hobby), their tastes and abilities change as their experience and interests develop, so even if you choose the "right" gun for a novice shooter doesn't mean that it would get much use later, right?

While I would LOVE someone to offer to buy me a gun, purchasing one for me sight unseen and without any chance to handle it would actually offend me somewhat, I would actually feel insulted that he didn't think I was capable of choosing a gun for myself.

While I do commend these guys for trying to include the females in their lives in their hobbies, please just treat them as you would ANY new shooter. Please?
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