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Oh, cool! You got a picture of me shooting my M28 Finnish Mosin Nagant It's kinda a "sleeper rifle" in that it's a very battle worn example of an antique rifle designed when many people still believed the moon was made out of cheese. But the military-issued barrel is made by SIG and it shoots 2 MOA so it is certainly capable of making every shot presented. It's just that it's a bit slow to reload that thing and my time for that stage was 191 seconds. . .

Anyways, do you mind if I use this picture to show my friends who didn't get to see the rifle in action? Some are saying "Pics or it didn't happen!"

Originally Posted by Booshanky View Post

Dude shot the course with a MOSIN. I led an applause when he was done. Even gave him permission to simply beat the targets to the ground using his gun as a club. Great form!

Team black sheep on pistol!

This is todd. Todd rules. Todd has a rifle that doesn't move when you shoot it. Todd has mastered the art of compensation.
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