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Because I would forget my own feet if they weren't connected to my body, I stupidly forgot to bring all my camera equipment. But I did have my phone!

Loved this picture because we were talking about PMC ammo and how it's korean, and I made a joke that it was made by the Daewoo company since they make everything in Korea. Then this dude rolled up shooting.......a daewoo rifle. Timing people! It's everything in comedy! Haha.

Gotta say I was super proud of this! I didn't know we'd be qualifying at 25 meters and I didn't get any cance to see where my shots were going beforehand. So I ended up guessing my holdovers and got 18/20. On a guess! Do I know my gear or what?

Waiting waiting waiting....

My own teammate trying to burn me with a cigarette!

This handsome gentleman rocked our pistols for us!

Team black sheep, minus harmoniums since he was on long range duty on another range.

Me shooting the last course.

I did learn a lot yesterday about my own shooting. Mostly I learned that I'm really good at making sure that my bullets go where I want them to go, but I get screwed up with target acquisition. I forget which order I need to shoot the targets in, stuff like that. So this last round that you can watch above, I totally memorized the whole thing, but then I screwed it up because I forgot to put my little bullet button tool on my finger and had to improvise with the bullets in my mag. Bummer. Would have been much better if I could reload properly.

All in all, I had a great time. Always fun meeting new cgers.
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