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Hello ladies (and dudes). How are you? I'm fine, thanks for asking. Look at the other posts, now back to me. This is what those other posts are missing:

Would you like to get your lady friend involved in shooting? Well, then listen here. You go to your lady and say,
"Hello sexy/beautiful/accomplished/self sufficient/kick ***/car fixin'/non-car fixin'/awesome lady. You sure do look good today, and I'd love to spend the day with you, and only you (and perhaps some guns and ammo). Would you like to go shooting with me? We can make a trade, I'll see that chick flick/horror/action/documentary movie that I know you'll love but isn't really my thing, if you would just try using your sexy awesomeness on the range. In fact, if you like it we can go....(wait for it) That's right shopping with your man, where I pay to get you the gun (and perhaps accessories!!!!) you want because this gun thing is not only something I love and want to share with you, but also a way for you to perhaps show me up at my own game and have the bragging rights FOREVER (also, it could protect you or possibly save your life, or mine, or our children's, or the lady down the street who is kinda annoying, but basically really nice). Now I know that you are the most amazing lady ever, which is why I think you should give this a try. What do you say?"

Problem solved. You're welcome.
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