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Originally Posted by LexLuther View Post
Please correct / advise me on this idea.

Colorado sister could gift a new non-list handgun to California Father. Once it is here, California father could gift the item to California son?

Should there be a period of time between each transfer, or could it just be as simple as Dad gets the gun in Cali, decides he doesnt like / want it and gifts it to son?

Thanks in advance for the comments, I really appreciate the contributions from the CG members / founders who have posted to this thread. Artherd, Librarian, or any other CG board member...If you are ever up in the Redding area, the drinks are on me.

Thanks Lex
I'm still looking for an answer to this question. If somebody knows, please share. If I find the answer elsewhere, I'll be sure to post it here as well. This thread has really helped me and I think this would make it a bit more complete.