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Originally Posted by masameet View Post
A handgun IS a tool. For firearms to become a lifestyle, then ... I dunno ... scarville's wife would have to morph into Steyrlp10, and I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

As to oqs being elitist lol I don't think so. As to her being overly sharing, I must've glossed over those parts.
Lol... I would not wish anyone to "morph" into me anytime soon. Ask the gun show guys this Sat when we have brunch

However, I do think that everyone learns at different speeds, including shooting. I am all for helping anyone who asks, but like the rest of you, I don't consider myself an "expert" -- just someone who remembers how tough it was to understand the basics in the beginning.

As for the "list of helpful hints," I recall Bdsmchs/Angie were putting together something on how to make the range a more welcome environment for women. I don't know if that was ever completed, but I think all the input from Lady Calgunners at that time was a great source of info.

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