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Originally Posted by Sajedene View Post
Can I just re-quote this? I see the interest there. I see the desire to find a good gun and time to try. But again, as I mentioned - the hardcore passion we happen to have is not there. Not yet anyway.

Agreed with masameet that perhaps a beginner training class of some sort would be better suited for scarville's wife.

And in regards to onequickshift's fervor ... I am sorry to hear about your incident but I really don't need every fact of your life on every post you make. I can practically make a bio out of your posts in this thread alone. I don't want to "psychologize" you - but that might be something you need to take into consideration.
Ok last post for the night. First off nice art work second I wouldn't call myself hardcore. Someday maybe. My incident is just a past event. Just want who ever buys a gun to understand them and commit to them. Zealous. Hahahaha I know. Must be inner geek. That way with movies, books, etc. So, noted. Night.
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