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Originally Posted by masameet View Post
I'm guessing scarville's problem is his wife really is not interested at this time in handguns. Plus the Q&As he posted don't give a favorable impression that he's taught her much about handguns, or that she has any confidence in shooting. Most likely she could benefit from an NRA basic pistol class, where she can learn and try different pistols and revolvers with other novices. I've heard it time and time again, whether in shooting or riding motorcycles, that husbands/BFs tend not to be good teachers/trainers to their wives/GFs. Perhaps that is scarville's wife's lot -- she needs a teacher who can teach her the fundamentals of shooting firearms.

And I like onequickshift's fervor. She may not articulate fully her thinking, but she is passionate about the things she loves to do, including shooting. If scarville's wife shared her husband's enthusiasm for firearms and shooting, then no doubt in my mind she would join Calguns and ask her own questions while doing her own research.
Thanks for the compliment. But to further be open? I on day I first posted in this topic saw gross misuse and handling of fire arms at a turners. Than on here I had a inbox full of Emails about what to buy a wife, gf, lady friend, mom. Etc lol. I preach only what I do. I bring precise detailed approaches from making scrap books. To drawing and writing story books in moleskine to cooking, and etc. A bit over zealous. Hahaha. I myself am only into fire arms cause my dad served so did my brothers. And they all shoot.

I just posted what was on top of head after reading.

Cause honestly, if im not into something. Im not going to fully commit to it if at all. Most people are like that. I don't like racing fwd cars lol. I don't like golf. And I def don't like taking shortcuts in making something or building something. So I wont do that....

Regardless of what he wrote its only text general tone and textual posture isn't easily discerned. So its ok. I went over board anyways.

Just people are not as flimsy or unable as they may seem. Its usually a choice. So eh...

I myself just don't like relying on someone to pay bills, fix my car(unless I need help dropping in a motor, removing a tranny, etc), pick a guitar or violin for me. Or a fire arm. Its just something personal, that one should really be active in. Or why at all, and a gun is more serious of a purchase than a gibson lp or buying underwear lol. Eh im ganna head to room after party is boring. Im tired. Have a good night everyone~
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