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I'm guessing scarville's problem is his wife really is not interested at this time in handguns. Plus the Q&As he posted don't give a favorable impression that he's taught her much about handguns, or that she has any confidence in shooting. Most likely she could benefit from an NRA basic pistol class, where she can learn and try different pistols and revolvers with other novices. I've heard it time and time again, whether in shooting or riding motorcycles, that husbands/BFs tend not to be good teachers/trainers to their wives/GFs. Perhaps that is scarville's wife's lot -- she needs a teacher who can teach her the fundamentals of shooting firearms.

And I like onequickshift's fervor. She may not articulate fully her thinking, but she is passionate about the things she loves to do, including shooting. If scarville's wife shared her husband's enthusiasm for firearms and shooting, then no doubt in my mind she would join Calguns and ask her own questions while doing her own research.

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