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Originally Posted by LuluSS View Post
On a side note:
Onequickshift: you are LUCKY to have worked on a ZR1. I want one so bad! I am a Chevy gal....even got the bowtie tatted on me along with the vette flags (I got a 95 Impala SS)
Well to re illiterate, what I meant which isn't conveyed via just text. Is that I understand some women being scared of noises and such but everything said about his wife is way to self defeating. Its not a big deal to go to the range and shoot some friends fire arms or rent a few. It really isn't. Its what I did. And im not hardcore with mine. I asked alot of questions. Here and else where. Not just women, men too; its about getting out and trying something new. Practicing to get better at it and so on. Yes not alot of women are into bikes or cars. Just got my twin into guns lol. And not many can do full builds let alone servicing their vehicles but it can all be learned it just takes time. Fire arms like vehicles. Riding and driving. Is not a right though it is lol. It must be earned. I.e. educating oneself to proper and safe handling of a fire arm. Its maintenance and trouble shooting. And so on. Im not criticizing anyone in a manner to attack, but doing constructive posting. Simply cause gheez I used to be scared of fishing lol. The deep ocean. Cudas and sharks. Sheesh. Its all just a learning experience. Moving outside ones comfort zone. But what it really takes? Is the person who'll be using the gun to want to get out test as many guns as she can to determine what she wants. I love function. It has to be tough and can last. It has to be dependable and of a high quality. It lastly is a plus if it looks pretty lol. As for you being a chevy girl? I kinda like everything. I off the bat usually don't mention what I keep in my private collection. But im at sema right now. Actually sitting at a after party relaxing, I have a carbon widebody m3, camaro ss, zr1, gtr and a few other vehicles as display pieces here at the private after party a friend is holding along with other people who were asked if they'd lend cars they normally keep under wraps for display. American wise gm is what I've mostly been into. Built a concept '10 colorado ss a few months ago with a crate ls7. I love your imps body styles to. I love crown vice too :P I like brawny 4 doors like 300c, charger, imps, vics. I rarely do car shows where I show. I don't like video or photos floating around forums of things I built for myself.

Right now my current projects at home waiting are a 66 mustang fasback. A 68 camaro. A 70 cuda. A 71 monte carlo. A 55 300sl gullwing. And a 72 240z. I just wrapped up a '09 ford ranger. 5.0L new ford coyote crate motor from jasper klein. Mild build. Supercharged. 4x4 extended cab. :P ranger is ganna see mud duty soon. Colorado is meant as a street bruised. The 68 camaro and 55 gullwing are reproduction metal bodies.

By summer I am hoping to have enough projects aside to save$ . Eye balling lwrci repr and a big lmt rifle.

As I said above. Im not a know it all. I ask q's here and have some great guys to ask q's of. Im all for helping anyone not just another woman in guns and such. If I can. Just wanted to drive the point one needs to be of mind to own one. Its a responsibility. I take it seriously. And yes am passionate. Cause I was almost raped recently due to separating from my guy. Must've looked like an easy target.

I've been at gun shops seeing a guy buying his girl a new gun. And she's so timid and childish about it. This isn't shoe shopping you know? It has to be understood and taken seriously. She was so dinky and immature. Waving the gun around. And even pointed it at her guy playfully. The shop owner said thy needed to leave. He would not sell to them. Here's a grown woman who passed her test, but when inspecting a gun. It all went out the window. Sorry if I was a bit "roar!!!!" LoL.

And yes the zr1 is a beast. Most people like my twin will never need more than a 6cyl camaro new off the lot. Or the new mustang 5.0 or camaro ss. Plenty fast. Stock base c6 vette is fast! Hehe. And I wont lie.......beautiful.

There's just something about a z06 vettes stock ls7 going into a 05 single cab silverado. Leaving the z06 open for an lsx built to high heaven......blistered wide fenders in carbon fiber.......hood, roof, widebody.....diffusers.... yum.......the pedal press and the roar.......the sound of excess boost purging. Wide wheels and tires just grabbing into the road like nails in a wooded beam lol.

I got rid of a pontiac solstice I built last year, ls3 stock swap motorset. As well my g8. And a mustang cobra to pay for the zr1 and a 67 vette rolling chassis.

And yes guns like knife collecting or bikes, cars, trucks. And more are dominated by guys. Here at sema in vegas, its mostly guys. All the women here? Are just dolls. Heh. Nothing wrong with that. I model too. But its just seeing how few are actually in, into their cars or autoculture that's a struggle in itself. Im not out to prove anything. Or fit in. F*ck that honestly. I build cars cause its fun for me. Its stress relieving. Same for bikes. I stunt them cause its fun. I race in straight lines to road courses. Drift and just drive late at night to clear my head. Same for shooting. Relieves stress. Love knowing I can protect myself. And know how to maintain my weapon. Its a bad idea to always rely on other people. From protection to fixing something. I like being self sufficient. Even if it makes me odd lol.
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