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Originally Posted by onequickshift View Post
I had the good sense to reply in depth. Your op makes your wife sound weakened timid. If loud noises are scary wear headsets or plugs. You say she doesn't want to go to ranges to try out different guns. Well what's that leaving? She'll most likely than buy a gun soley off looks and reference.Im sorry if im blunt. That's just it. I don't think of a fire arm as an accessory. As you said its a tool. So yes, get over. I wasn't the one posting about a wife who doesn't want to do this or that. Am I? Its like seeing a man and a woman. Man buying her a car....she's whiney, pitched, and obviously way to girly. That's a bit much. I was constructive and honest. Gun is just a tool. It has to fit just right. But the user needs to be competent and willing in the first place to find what works and what doesn't. Its that simple.
That is harsh. I don't think you comprehended what he wrote about his wife right and for you to judge her based on your high standards is a bit off-putting. I suggest you re-read what was posted.

Being able to find a good gun for someone starting out, someone who is new to this whole world should not require or demand the amount of time and investment or even passion you ask for. You are a hardcore shooter, great - good for you, but you are also coming off very elitist to say the least. This is the best way to turn someone off from shooting and from asking for help or advice.

This is me being blunt.

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