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According to the ATF, your family straight up or down in a line can give you their firearm. When I worked at bright spot, Marna the auditing ATF agent answered that for us. How ever California DOJ does request that you fill out and send in the form to register the firearm and that form does not have a "10 Day Waiting Period" also note that when a family member say a grandfather gifts his firearm to say his legal aged son, daughter, grandson or grandaughter, etc.... that they also be legally able to possess said firearm. You can not just give your family member a firearm if they are not in a straight line, say your brother, cousin, aunt or uncle a firearm with out doing a PPT and a 10 day wait. Also note they have to personally give you the firearm either by them bringing it to you or you going to get it. FFL transfer rules only apply if they mail it
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