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I like men! I am not trying to ban them. But I don't use this forum much because it seems like it's all men talking about the women in their lives. Let's have some balance please. I don't have women friends at home who are informed about the excitement I have about a specific gun or guns.

My b/f of 18 years is a really talented shooter, a foot taller than me, ex military vet. He would never get me a gun without asking me. He does advise me. He is sorry to this day (several rifles/carbines later) that he suggested I check out Mosin Nagants after a lazy Sunday of firing his Mauser, but in general he asks questions and researches and (here you go guys) uses the SEARCH button on this forum.

I'd like this to be a "ladies forum" plus men, because it's not very often we ladies can share our experiences with each other.

Also it's true, Lulu, she may love her first gun but maybe we need a "shopping for guns" subforum too. We'd ALL be there, I think, as well as spending time here!
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Haha....too much AR shooting and you become a wennie!
The cure: Buy a Mosin M44 and shoot 100 rounds as fast as you can. When you can handle that, you are good to go.
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