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Do you think we could potentially lose a new member to the shooting community if say they had the interest and just needed a little help and push but instead of their friend/significant other helping them out they say "go do your own research yourself and post in this forum blah blah blah" ... would they do it and join or would they be discouraged.

I mean, I read through all the threads again right now... and a lot of them talk about how they have done the "try it themselves method" but are just looking for more suggestions. Is that so wrong? Maybe it is. What do I know.

And if we equate this to a car - when going car shopping it is always good to hear from those who have experience with the car or in this case a gun. Because once we get past the suggestion and get to the why... as in why did you choose that gun/car/whatever and what is your experience with it. That first-hand experience is great information to have and is something that can aid and guide you when you go shopping.

ETA: Also, as already seen in this thread, would some of the posts made here and how we approach things turn away the significant others from encouraging and helping their loved ones get into shooting? Someone is asking for help and comes to ask a specific group who they feel would be able to help and instead we scold them for it. I say it's quite off-putting.

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