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Originally Posted by Tisdel View Post
Since this is an AK building thread, it seems like an appropriate place to ask a question about the riveting of AK's.

Is there a wide variation in the quality of the rivets used to build AK's? Are the rivets heat treated or tempered in any way?

I'm asking this because I've just returned 2 AK's where the rear trunnion rivets bent backwards bad enought to cause the rear trunnion to separate slightly from the receiver.

This occurred on the IO Inc CASAR. Twice--on 2 separate rifles.
When the manufacturer uses cheap unskilled labor it's not much of a leap to think maybe they used rivets not designed for the shear loads imposed on them. They can get away with soft rivets in areas where the only load is tension but soft rivets yield under shear loading. Most of us that build AKs buy our rivets from AK-Builder.
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