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How long did it take to learn to drive a car? Is a gun more or less complicated?
Again, dulty ditzy women bug me. I learned to drive on a 94 Mazda RX7 20B turboed FD. stick. As well a 68 ss chevelle 396, and so on.....I was stunting my bikes before I was out of HS, and making alot of boys cry. lol.

So now the answer is to tell her to just go ask for help on the Internet?
No. Tell her if she wants a gun suck it up, and try them out, otherwise there is no point for anything further. Fire arms are just objects they wont adjust to her, she needs to find the right one, train/practice, be safe; so in an emergency she can respond properly. My view is your best days at the range will not count barely in one instance where seconds are ticking like you face grave harm and such.....just saying. If she truly wants a fire arm for self defense, great. Now read a safety book, take the test, and practice with the fire arms on display for best grip/fit, than take them to the range or find rentals, shoot. If you have to end up buying one that FITS great, but not to her liking at first after shooting? She'll adapt and become adept with it. Its that easy.

I am 90 pounds, top heavy lol, but besides that, I have NO REAL muscle strength though I've been working on that. If I can shoot and use various fire arms, I learn to deal with the umph as well the noise, she can too. DEAL with it, if she gets to sensitive, than I guess shes a victim to herself. Its all personal choice.

That's gonna work.
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