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If the DOJ actually takes a close look at your records for whatever reason, anything more in depth than the usual DROS computer check, and they turn something up, it could very well result in DROS denial.

For example, if you apply for a guard card and they get a hit on your prints from some old thing, that might be probative (say a 20 year old battery charge that was never prosecuted, but there is no record visible to them of dismissal/acquittal) then you might get a DROS reject on your next try.

In other words if you have some issue they have not found yet, they might not find it on a DROS, but they might find it if they look harder, and then it could cause you problems with DROS. Of course if you can prove you are not prohibited you can probably clear it up with the DOJ, but it might cause a temporary problem. If you can't find the records to clear yourself, or the DOJ gives you a hard time, you may have to get a lawyer to fix it.

A denied CCW application in itself however, should not result in a DROS denial.
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