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Default FUD Warning: LTC Denial Does Not Trigger DROS Prohibition

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who lives in Alameda County, who is under the following impressions:

That if he applies for a carry license and is denied, he will be unable to possess firearms, either by some imagined DROS prohibition or that "the state will look into his business and deny him."

A few pointers:

The state's DROS prohibitions is very specific, and only triggers for specific criminal convictions or court orders (5150, 5250, etc). A DOJ official cannot determine you ineligible for a firearm just from a general lookover from a CCW application.

This shows some of the mentality of the some of the folks in what I call the "urban dark red" counties of the bay area. They refuse to help because they are too beaten down by decades of dealing with California's regulatory measures on issues other than guns, and with guns too, but are perfectly willing to take advantage of the work that we'll be doing.

Do not believe this FUD. A DOJ rep cannot just decide to make someone ineligible for a firearm just be declaring it so.
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