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Forget the money part--it's next to impossible to get gunnies to come out to do the legwork. Most would rather piss and moan on the forums than actually do something. If it weren't for CRPA and SAF, all firearms in California would be illegal.

Just sending in your annual membership fee is not enough
That is too bad. California has the worst, most illogical way of handling our 2nd Amendment. It's sickening and maddening at the same time. Why not fight for our rights, your rights?

Closed mindedness is an ugly, ugly thing. And so is our justice and legislative system. I really want to look at some facts since the ban went into effect, such as the amount of
deaths caused by "assault weapons" before the ban and after. How many "assault weapons" were confiscated before the ban vs. after. You know, things that matter.

And when, oh when will people realize that laws don't affect criminals? They only affect law abiding citizens.

Please forgive me for ranting. I'm sure I'm just echoing what thousands of California gun owners feel.

You know what I find ironic too is that when I go to a Gun Show (if you can't find one) or a match, the people I meet are generally some of the nicest and most responsible people.
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