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Originally Posted by BluNorthern View Post
Does anyone know the length of time required in California (all time spent living in Butte county) to meet the requirement in regards to residency to be good to go for applying for a CCW? Moved back here in April. Haven't been able to find anything specific online. Thanks.

CA PC 12050CAL. PEN. CODE 12050

(D)For the purpose of subparagraph (A), the applicant shall satisfy any one of the following:

(i)Is a resident of the county or a city within the county.

(ii)Spends a substantial period of time in the applicant's principal place of employment or business in the county or a city within the county.
From the Butte CCW Policy:
4. Proof of Residency
  1. Bring a copy of your rental agreement, tax bill, utility bill, or other forms showing that your main residence is in the County of Butte.
As you can see above, PC12050 does not stipulate the amount of time one must reside in the county, only that you must be a resident or spend a substantial amount of time there as your principal place of employment. Butte is one of the few counties that does not list an amount of time that one has to reside in the county before applying.

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