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Originally Posted by cHaOs ReX View Post
This is my first post.

I did a little research on this site but did not find anything on my idea.

Has anyone thought of trying to repeal the laws that ban the "assault weapons"? I'm not sure of the whole process with trying to get a petition submitted as a Proposition for voting by the people. But has this been looked into at all?

Welcome to the forum!

Yes it has been brought up before. Repealing it through legislation is not going to work because there are too many anti-gun legislators. Voting them out is the only way to fix that situation. Secondly, Librarian has a wonderful thread which thoroughly explores why a petition/ballot measure would not work for us. The bottom line is that it costs millions of dollars to get a proposition on the ballot. Getting enough support for passing is another problem.

See his thread here: Why don't we put [something] on the ballot? Initiatives and Amendments

The bottom line for us is that we must work through the courts. And to paraphrase Gene, we can enjoy our judicially enforced Second Amendment right in an anti-gun super majority populace that is California.

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