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Originally Posted by lunde View Post
I did the latter. I spoke with the NFA branch of the ATF who advised that I should use my California address on the Form 4, but that the CLEO signoff should be from the county of the other state where it is intended to be stored. Because there is no place on a Form 4 to specify that the storage location is somewhere other than my physical address, I included the following in a letter that became an attachment to my Form 4:

The process was remarkably simple. I sent the Form 4 to the ATF on 05/16/2007, and it was approved on 06/11/2007.
On this topic, is something as simple as a bank safe deposit box sufficient for ATF storage regulations?

I'd gladly pay the yearly fee for a box at a bank near stateline that would allow me to pick up a suppressor on the way to out of state carbine classes.
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