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Originally Posted by FelixEstrella View Post
Not trying to be an ***, but I'd like to be clear on rule #4.

4) Limit your ad's to one per Marketplace sub-forum. When posting within these forums we require that you keep all items to one thread per sub-forum only. Multiple threads opened for various items by one member within 72 hours of each other may result in all threads by that member's posts being deleted.

This seems to imply that it's OK to have multiple threads as long as they're initiated no closer than 72 hours apart?

No, it's like some of my sale threads. Once they have become excessively long(large post count) or have grown stale(I've 24hr bumped it alot w/no movement) . I'll close the old thread and move any of the remaining items to the new thread and add/change items.But I will edit the old thread to show that it is now closed.

If an item sells, am I required to reuse that thread for posting another for sale item?

No, you can edit the old thread to show the item sold, add that the thread is closed and open a new thread.

Also, If I'm posting multiple items on the same thread, but wish to keep them logically separate by having multiple postings in the same thread, how do I not violate the no BTT within 24 hours rule?

Well what i do is when I open a thread I'll reply to it right qway several times to reserve the first few posts add more stuff and pics. Even with the anti-flood in the code you can add up to 4 replys per minute and not violate the rules.

Go ahead and check out some of the threads I have opened and closed to get an idea of whatI'm talking about.

Bold is my response.
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