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Originally Posted by FelixEstrella View Post
So, in the spirit of peace, harmony and GUNS (after all that's what we're here for, no?) can I ask that mods take a look how often a poster visits Calguns before indiscriminately closing a thread? Rule violations may be unintentional and a warning will typically correct bad behavior. Just saying ....
I just looked up your thread that got locked, I remember it because i asked myself why you would grind the bayolug off a M59? If I recall correctly you responded to Q's with new posts, thereby bumping your thread up and someones down. Two violations in one, and this is going to sound harsh but it is not intended to be. In regards to the bold section I quoted, it's up to the user to read and follow the rules the Mods are'nt hear to babysit you or i but rather to spank us if we violate the forums rules.

They did in fact give you awarning when they locked your thread, it's just that the Mods warnings have some bite.
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And I bet Jobs surfs porn. If he doesn't, I'll eat a live baby on stage at the next Apple event.
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Don't F with those guys... they can probably use their teabag to inflict blunt force trauma.

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