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Originally Posted by FelixEstrella View Post
So answering question in one's thread is a violation of what rule? In the thread in question, a poster asked me if my gun was C&R eligible. I replied no. What rule was I violating?
the rule violated was the 24-hour bump rule. How you should have replied is covered in the rules.

13) Question and Inquiries about products listed in an ad. Most questions and product inquiries can be handled via Private Messages. We expect you to use this feature for all questions and inquiries. If you feel your question or inquiry involves a material aspect of the item being bought/sold you may post that in the thread. The term "material aspect" means one that dramatically affects the value, function, or operation of the item being bought/sold. Any information about the item that was not included initially in the original post, but asked about by another member, should be added to the original post. All offers other than 'I'll take it' must be made via Private Message and do not need verification such as "pm sent", "offer sent", "would you be willing to xxxx".
so, either update the add to say that is not C&R, or PM the user letting him know that it isn't C&R. Unfortunately too many people have abused the system by having friend shill the add with questions like that so that they can respond and get a free bump. some people even wrote their adds specifically leaving out important info, knowing that people would ask about the missing info. They would then respond to each question getting multiple bumps per day.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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