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Originally Posted by FelixEstrella View Post
So I too had a thread close/locked. Not clear what rule I was violating. Am I responsible for posters commenting in my thread and hence liable to get my thread closed?

Seems a might unfriendly .... but then again, my brief presence on CalGuns hasn't been all that pleasant anyway.
no, others posting in your thread should not get your thread locked. but, how you respont to those posts might violate the rules.

Originally Posted by FelixEstrella View Post
I for one also don't understand the multiple thread issue. IMHO, each firearm should have it's own thread else confusion as to what's available arises.
becuase that is the way the rules are. Because in the past, people would have 10+ different items for sale in the forum and take up an entire page or two with all their stuff, bumping everyone else way down the list. So, because of abuses like that, the "one thread/forum" rule was instituted.

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