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Originally Posted by ogcsmn View Post
After sitting down with an attorney, its come to a conclusion that this is a public site just like anything else... Because it doesn't require a membership and password to access it and read what have been posted..

@ 69mach1... I did understand what you were trying to do and was just asking why; you blew it up to a bully pushing match.

@ Leelaw... I only said three words... and you send me a message.... I ask what did I do this time and you couldn't even give me an answer...

Thanks for nothing!!!
You're making yourself look like a fool. You obviously haven't spoke with a real lawyer and you don't understand the concept of private property.

A lot of people have problems with the way this place is ran but the fact is that this site is private property. It belongs to someone and the owners may do with it as they please - that's called property rights.