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Originally Posted by mtbnjim View Post
Hi Chris,
Since you have the 07FFL, does that mean that you can accept AR/AK's from out of state without a bullet button installed? And then install the proper compliance device before you do the transfer?

If so, this would help out the Socal community and eliminate those out of state middleman transfers.
I cannot accept a fully assembled AR/AK rifle without a bullet button installed, since a fully assembled rifle without the magazine locking device is considered an Assault Weapon by Cal-DOJ, no matter if I am an 07 or 01 FFL.

I can receive an off list rifle that is disassembled (i.e. the upper and lower halfs of the rifle are not assembled, or the pistol grip is removed from the rifle prior to shipping to California).

I install the magazine lock, then I can assemble the rifle and it would then be a Complete California Compliant Rifle with a Magazine Lock.

One main reason why we opted to get a 07 FFL is so that we can manufacture our own Addax AR lowers and Addax rifles using our own lowers and a couple of other manufacturers lowers, and we plan on selling our rifles all across the US.

California residents will be able to purchase an Addax AR directly from us at our shop without having to deal with the transfer fees, and middlemen fees...

We plan on releasing a few unique AR solutions in both Direct Impingement and Piston configurations, which will include AR Pistols, and a new .308 Battle Rifle built on the Mega MA10 called the Addax Guardian .308 Battle Rifle.

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