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Cool I can't stop laughing.

Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
This is a private forum.
I own it, I set the rules, I allow access as I see fit.
(Gee, I sound like ogre when I put it that way..)

You do NOT have a first Amendment right in a private venue.
Civics 101.

See that part in bold?
That specifies who this Amendment is restricting, Congress, which means the Government, not private citizens.

Your 1st Amendment right to free speech is a guarantee against GOVERNMENT restriction of specific classes of speech and/or expression.

Your 1st Amendment right to free speech does NOT afford you any protection in private venues such as someone's home or business.

Think of it this way, if I come to your house and start spewing profanity in front of your child can you tell me to stop or to leave or are you bound by the 1st Amendment to just let me continue in your living room?
The OP should be thanked heartily for the entertainment value of his inanity.

You go, Dude!
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