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Originally Posted by ENTHUSIAST View Post
After you have been a member here for a few more months you will look back at your mindset during this time and cherish it as "quaint"... while staring into your gun safe smiling at your collection of ARs and AKs.
I was like centurycitygun when I first started...that wore off quickly though as I read more and researched.

On a side note...still a ton of basic questions being asked. If you can't figure it out based on the flowchart or the may want to rethink you intent to buy a OLL, because there may become a day where you'll have to explain the legality of your rifle to a LEO and if you were spoon fed answers on this forum your ability to recall why your rifle it legal may be least IMO. Maybe it's just me, but taking the hours or days to figure things out by reading and searching sticks in my head much better than being force fed answers.

There's no question about OLL that can't be answered by using the search or the flowchart...none...they've been asked...there are no new questions...I guarantee it.
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