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man, talk about a threadjack...
no offense to onequickshift in the least, you are most welcome here and your perspective is always appreciated. its great to have you participating in the forum.
this is really directed towards the leghumpers...
i realize that perhaps none of you are contributing by posting pix of your GF's w/ rifles, b/c you DON'T HAVE ONE (GF, not rifle), and that may make you more prone to LH-ing. but fer jeebus' sake, do ya gotta go all goofy every time a pretty woman shows up?
S/N is all jacked up in here. someone post a freekin' GF w/ Rifle pic, stat! (i would, but i've already put up all the good ones that are forum-legal).
ah heck, here's a semi-dupe:

not a great pic, but at least it's in keeping w/ the subject of the thread...
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