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Originally Posted by ZapThyCat
I officially hate you all.

How in the heck are you getting 30rd mags here? How are you getting Ak's? How are you getting "evil black rifles" and drums and crazy freaking stuff like that?

Do you have special licenses or what?

How much to some of these cost? And where can you buy them, or can you only build them? I love to have a detachable-mag 7.62x39 rifle, but I'm stuck with my little SKS for now.

Forgive my noob-ishness... but these guns are all crazy freaking cool.
You too can have some evil black rifles pretty easily, read some of the stickies.

As for the drums and 30 rounders, if you didn't already have them prior to 2000 you are SOL and are stuck with 10 rounders ( 30 round lookalikes are available if you have to have "the look").

How is it that you have over 200 posts and don't know how to get an EBR? Or are you just having fun with us?

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