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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Did someone seriously ask you what "USMC" meant? That's sad.
Doesn't the whole world know about Uncle Sam's Misguided Children?

(I'm from a Marine family - Withers is the name on that side - but I did the "black sheep" thing and joined the Army, then the Air Force - even got my sister to join the Army. Figured that I could blaze my own trail there, rather than trying to top what my grandfather and his brother accomplished in the Corps)

Was "lost in the woods, in Misery" as a 17 year old in the summer of 1985, graduated in August from C-2-2, Ft Leonard Wood, MO. Went home for my senior year of high school, and then returned to FLW for Combat Engineer (12B) AIT with B-4-2 graduating in August of 1986. They called this the "split training option" and it was for reservists and guardsmen. We liked to substitute an "h" for the "pl", since it meant we were on TC lockdown for most of basic and AIT, and didn't really get the benefits of OSUT, since we left one company halfway through, and joined another company halfway through.

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