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Originally Posted by Addax
I just picked up this PTR-91 from a seller on GB today.

It is the PTR 91 F with the 18" Match Barrel, (I think all of them come like that)..

The whole package cost me $955 inc. shipping, the scope mount, Simmons Scope, 1 20 rnd mag, 1 10 rnd mag and 1 5 rnd mag. The seller states that he has only shot 75 rounds through her.

I am going to have it shipped to VOW first where they will make the necessary mods before comming into CA. They are also going to install a Muzzle Brake on her. I am thinking of going with the IGF one.
VOW will modify the 20 rnd mag into a 10 round one.

I think the overall package was a fair price at $955, and VOW always cuts me a deal on the work and transfer.

I can't wait to get her in my hands

Hey Addax, I have my heart set on a PTR-91 myself. I am hoping once my tax return comes through I will be able to put some money down to pick one up. The model you have coming is almost exactly what I was looking for! How/Who would you recommend to help with getting it CA-Legal?

Thanks for any help/advice you can give, I've really got my heart set on this model for my semi-auto .308 rifle.
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