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Originally Posted by the_quark View Post
And yet, when actual Directors of CGF state that this is not yet so, we're dismissed.
Well, there's a big difference between internal mental attitude and external, actual observable reality.

Talk to any top-performing coaches, athletes, businessmen, etc., and they all say that the internal mental attitude has got to be a victor mentality. But they'll also say that you have to look at real world results. The Directors of CGF are just reminding us of what they see of the real world from their vantage point. That's a good thing.

CGF's got a lot of things right, obviously. I'm only bearing two messages:

1) You can look at the UOCers as enemies, or you can look at them as a potential valuable ally.

2) You can't stop the UOCers, and I mean this in very literal terms.

I mean, what are we gonna do? Go to one of their rallies and wave a gun around, threatening to make them stop? Good luck with that, LOL.

So that leaves only one other option: convince them to voluntarily stop their own unproductive behaviors. And anyone who's had to lead a bunch of volunteers knows how hard it is ("Leading volunteers is like herding cats.")

Simply asking them to stop doing what they're doing won't work until a more valued* alternative is proposed.

* more valued to the people being asked, not the people doing the asking

So CGF asking the few UOCers who would do it to not UOC EBRs is not going to work until an alternate channel for their passion (outrage) is shown to them. In the end, someone (more likely us) is going to have to bridge the gap and find common ground between the CGF legal warriors and the UOC grassroots warriors and then get everybody going on the same better, coordinated course of action.

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