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Originally Posted by Rigma View Post
My first experience at Spenceville was a good one.

Meet some good people, felt everyone acted safe, and was surprised at the number of people that showed up that day.

There was lots of trash, but it was mostly small in size (shells & targets left behind). No big appliances around. Next time I will get there earlier to clean up more before people get there.

I will definitely go back, and will probably try to do so again on a weekday. A CalGuns clean up would be great. If no one else wants to spearhead this, then I guess it will be on me to get the ball rolling.
It's definitely dependent one when you go. I've had a lot of good times there and a lot of bad ones. I just try to avoid weekends at all cost.

I would very much be interested in participating in a cleanup. I don't have a vehicle that would be suitable to haul anything but I can at least lend a hand, or possibly borrow a buddy's truck.
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