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Originally Posted by dreslinger View Post
Last time I was there, some idiot started firing when we had a cease fire going. My Son and daughter were on the range with me along with some othe folks. The guy next to me started reaming them a new one and they packed up and left. I was tempted to return fire. My Son was at the 100 yard pit setting up targets and my daughter was behind me setting up 25 yard pistol/22 targets. Don't know what I would have done had one of my kids been hurt. I love Spenceville but it needs a range master. Have not been back since.
Unfortunately, The idiots are everywhere. I used to go to Colfax and take the dirt road under the train tracks to a little spot. I shot there every weekend for almost two years. A couple months ago I brought out a benchrest that I made out of scrap wood and painted free to use, don't shoot. It took one week for some jackasses to blow it to hell. Then the sheriffs came out and said they are closing it for good because the same guys were also shooting at the train.

I just go to Sac vally shooting center now but even there, I had a guy leave his rifle on fire with a round in the chamber right next to me on cease fire. RM chewed his *** and the guy left.

I have never been to spenceville but I would be down to help any of my fellow calgunners clean it up if you need help.
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