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My name is Dale and I'm a gunaholic.

Currently I am unemployed but have a job ??? Yes I got the job but the day after I started, I was asked for my MRV. I found out that my license has been suspended, due to a ticket I received in Iowa in 1999. I am in the midst of getting that figured out and paid off before I can start.(Hard to do when you dont have an income cause your fresh out of EMT school.) As the job requires me to have a rental car for 3 weeks of training in Houston Tx.

I have a strong liking of motorcycles, saltwater fish, and things that go BANG!

I have full custody of my son who is 9 years old now..... not much else to say.

If any one needs help with anything give me a shout out. I have a very strong mechanical background working in both the auto and oil industry's.
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