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Originally Posted by Rigma View Post
Looks like only tomorrow (Thurs.) will fit in the schedule. Getting there early since it looks like it will be a hot one.

Hoping a weekday morning means it will be quiet and tweaker-free. Short notice I know...

If I like the place I will be back often.
Well unfortunately I can't/couldn't make it because i'm in class until this afternoon. I was there Monday and overall it was a decent day. The only annoyance was a couple of armchair gun intellectuals waxing about how much they think they know about guns and how good of a shot they are, but that's kind of bound to happen anywhere I suppose.

As far as trash, it's looking pretty rough but not as bad as it has been. If I didn't drive a 2-door honda, I would have carried more than just my target out.

Hope the range suits you, or at least that it isn't too terrible to you. haha.

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