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Originally Posted by Nate View Post
Did you get his License plate?? Description of the truck??

I knew that was going to happen!

Thanks for doing your part and cleaning up the mess of the idiot.

May be up there over labor day. will pm you if you are interested in shooting on Sat or Sun if you are around.

By the way, with the morons that go up there, I would assume the dumpster would just get shot at and destroyed.
Sorry, no license plate...

Ya your right I'm sure a dumpster would get shot just like the benches!

Sucks that the trash is already starting to pile up there. I think the main problem is 1/2 the people that go up there assume that the county picks up the trash there. (I've heard this excuse from several different people there)

Maybe a big rules of the range sign would help, but then again it'll probably just get shot like a dumpster! I guess you just cant win with all the morons that frequent that range...

Shoot me a PM on your labor day plans. I'm sure I'll be there!