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I contacted Oaklander and Mr Weise.

both lowers on firearms are OLL and legal AND both guns comply to all laws. My son is a law abiding citizen and he made sure the firearms are legal.

they confiscated the expensive sights, too , they refused to let my son remove the sights.

My son has a hurt neck, too, muscle spasms from the accident that have his neck improperly straightened out the neck....thanks, CHP for keeping my son on the side of the freeway without medical care while they searched his clothes and confiscated his CA legal OLL firearms.

"that's beautiful"--CHP quote just prior to confiscating that "beautiful" gun.

CHP officer also said to my husband that our son was not injured-is he a doctor? If my son was not injured why did ER doctor say otherwise?

Just saying the officer my husband spoke to on the phone sure reacted weird when my husband said "you guys better not be taking those guns to the range"

not only is my son's neck and back hurt from the accident (the CHP let the truck that threw the ladder get away) but the CHP has illegally confiscated the guns AND the scopes etc AND all of the CA legal magazines-why would they take the legal magazine?

CHP refused to let my son get his scopes (trigicon) that he saved up his money for.

I am a very upset momma about now-this is so illegal-the CHP violated the law here and put my son's health at risk.
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