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I need help please, my son got into a traffic accident, a construction truck threw a ladder, my son swerved to avoid it and hit an wall.
My son had legal firearms stored in his trunk as he was going to the range this weekend.
The CHP at first said that none of the legally purchased (all purchased new through proper FFL) the CHP said that none of them checked out and that the CHP would confiscate all of the guns.
When my son mentioned he knew a former higher up in NRA-the handguns miraculously checked out.

BUT the two "ugly" guns did not "check" out-the excuse given was that S&W assigns the same serial number to several guns.

The CHP confiscated both CA LEGAL rifles and all of the 10 round clips.

This is about $5 Grand worth of equipment-my son is getting into three gun competition.

I am not sure where to post his I need help.

the CHP kept my son on the side of 101 for about two hours without medical care-his neck is messed up.

I am in MO and I am at wits end-how can this happen in US.

Help please.
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