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Originally Posted by Dallasdowning View Post
You were right! That a**hole left behind the TV in pieces and all the rest of his ****. I'm sad to report that its already getting dirty up there again. I took as many cardboard boxes and crap as I could fit in my little truck, but the collection of trash is building up again.

We should try to see if we can convince marborg to leave a dumpster up there. That might help to get lazy people to pick up there trash!
Did you get his License plate?? Description of the truck??

I knew that was going to happen!

Thanks for doing your part and cleaning up the mess of the idiot.

May be up there over labor day. will pm you if you are interested in shooting on Sat or Sun if you are around.

By the way, with the morons that go up there, I would assume the dumpster would just get shot at and destroyed.