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Originally Posted by anarchist View Post
I don't think we need some idiot goverment employee worrying about us proving to him that our weapons are auto or semi auto. They must not have enough to do in your neck of the woods. You don't want law enforcement anywhere near your shooting ranges. They're nothing but trouble. They'll be the first ones shot when the **** hits the fan.
Firstly, that's a little tin-toil-hat for my tastes. But to answer some questions you've raised, yes there really isn't anything else for the local law enforcement to do. It's a rural community where the biggest issue is maybe pot farming. Not exactly capitol murder.

But I think the reason you believe I wouldn't mind LEOs walking around the range is to police my guns. That's not the case. The reason I wouldn't mind them there is because I don't break the law and I practice firearms safety, but there are others there who don't do either. If I was go to up to some young guy and say "hey, please don't point your rifle around like that, it's not safe." It's porbably not gonna mean much to some young gangster punk out with his buddies. I'm only 22. He's probably not gonna take me seriously.
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