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Trash is one thing, some bottles and old appliances never bothered me. But it is when places turn into Dump sites that it gets out of control, sometimes looking to the point of a house being gutted there with beds sofas and other crap, and piles of garbage, That happened a lot at Colfax and it got annoying.

I do understand the anal part of it, I've been in trouble myself even for having soda bottles filled with water attached to my target stands, as I like to do, attaching balloons or clays along my stand, or water filled bottles, apparently that is still littering even though I have trash bags loaded with my mess and others. But hammering the dirt with copper and lead and brass is fine. *shrugz*

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Isn't it funny how the government decides what is and isn't clean enough, even when they let our parks and other public areas erode on a daily basis. I can't possible understand why the GOVT is SOOOOO upset about some trash on a shooting range. I just don't buy it. As far as someone shooting the benches goes, who gives a ****? They're concrete! Men are crazy and they like to shoot **** with guns. How about just not worrying about blown up propane bottles and broken beer bottles? Does it really matter that much? That is a rhetorical question, of course. NObody should give a **** about that. All the old shooting ranges I enjoyed as younger man were like that and it was a blast to shoot at them. Today, they're so damn santized, it's boring. It's all bull**** intended to punish the lowly public that should be so appreciative of what the government gives them. Fight back!
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