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I went up there last Sunday on 8/15 and the place looked better than I've ever seen it! Sorry I missed the last clean up, but I'm relatively new to Calguns, and don't check in often. I'd love to help out on the next one.

The best part was some guy shows up with a lifted f-350 filled with a 65+inch big screen TV, a keg, dining room table, some metal side panels for a truck, and all kinds of other garbage. I introduced myself and kindly reminded him that lots of time, effort, and money had just been spent cleaning the range 2 weeks ago. If we want to keep it open we have to keep it clean!

Thankfully he was polite, agreed to clean up after his mess, and left the TV and dining room table on the truck.

Hopefully we can keep the range clean, and keep it open! I'll be up there again this Sunday. Any other Calgunners planning on being there?