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I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt and see over the next few months if the conditions as far as policing improve because I have many fond memories of shooting there with my family going way back, but as of now, enforcement is pretty week. I did see a game warden there a few months back who thought some chumps with tacticool ARs who were bumpfiring had full autos and made them break down their rigs and prove they weren't. However, he completely disregarded that all of them were carrying and using 30 rnd mags. I personally don't care about magazine capacity, but it's the law and it's a dumb risk to take. My point being that enforcement needs to go WAY up. I see CHP out of Hammonton Smartville Rd and even down Spenceville, so there's LE in the area, just barely ever at the range.

I'm hopefully going Thursday, but I haven't decided if I wanna try Spenceville again or just drive to Oroville.
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