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Originally Posted by exklusve View Post
I frequently camp in the Sierra National Forest in a small camping area.There is a sign on the info board that says 'no firearms' (or firearms prohibited). (can they prohibit firearms, or just prohibit shooting?)
They do not have the authority to ban firearms. Do you know what local ranger district this is? I would like to call them. There is still a code (36 CFR 261.57) that allows them to restrict possession in Wilderness Areas, but given Heller I doubt this would be legal. I've also never heard of any Forest actually ordering this. They do sometimes prohibit shooting, which they do have the authority per another code (36 CFR 261.58) to do. Is this in a Wilderness Area?

Originally Posted by exklusve View Post
If firearms cannot be prohibited, only shooting, I should be able to UOC everywhere in the area correct? (no schools, or other restricted areas for MILES)
Once I'm 150 yards away from all the campsites, LOC will be ok correct?
Correct. Plus you can also LOC in your own campsite, per the 12031 "temporary residence or campsite" exemption.

Originally Posted by exklusve View Post
So since shooting is prohibited within 150 yards of roads, LOC is prohibited within 150 of roads?
Not within 150 yards of roads. It's on or across roads, and within 150 yards of buildings, developed areas, etc. So you can LOC right off the road.
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