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I was at Spenceville a few days ago and although it was a bit littered with garbage and the fact that someone (CDF?) did a controlled burn and the range had been cleared of fire hazard's does not lead me to believe that they intend to shut down the range. If they did plan on shutting this range down why would they bother with any up keep? I understand that them clearing the dry grass is preventable fire control's but if they wanted to shut the range down nothing would provide a better motive than a fire set by "irresponsible" firearms owners. I have been shooting at Spencville for 19 years. I have never once seen and Law Enforcement patrol the range one single time. And as much as i dislike the idiot's at Spenceville I doubt some moron with a full auto firearm will be the reason the range gets shut down. I believe that the guys calling Law Enforcement on the idiot's at the range will contribute more to the closure than anything. It is like anything the more complaints and the more that units respond the more ammunition anyone with the intent of shutting the range down will have. I am not saying that illegal activities are right I left on Thursday because some morons were smoking weed and were spinning in circles trying to clear a stuck round in a side folding Mini-14 sweeping anyone and everyone at the range. All I am saying is that we can only do what we can, go to the range edjucate those who appear to need it and are willing to listen,be safe and responsible shooter's and pack out what we packed in.
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